The Thracian god Sabazius will drive the winter out of Etropole

On 28 January, the Thracian god Sabazius will chase the winter, the snow and the cold from Etropole. He, in the face of one of the local men, will be at the head of the solemn procession, which is celebrated on the last Sunday of January. The process that will reach peak St. Atanas. The sacred place, where there was a Thracian sanctuary, will be accompanied by the Etropole Spirit Music.

etropole st atanas sabazius

All in the procession will be chained with ivy wreaths and snowdrops as a symbol of the coming spring. According to the confession, it was with such a procession that the Thracians in the antiquity declared the summit to borrow from Sabasius the end of the winter. In the area itself, fires will be lit in order to make various meat and home-made brandy will be poured.

etropole st atanas sabazius

The march will go to the top at 8 a.m.on the trail above the Everest Hotel and from the path at Petrol Station. After completing the ritual, the procession will go back, tour Etropole and be solemnly welcomed by the mayor of the city on the main square. Then the party will continue on the square.

etropole st atanas sabazius
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