Theme park “Happy Land” will open in May, 2013

Theme park “Happy Land” will open in  May, 2013

Happy Land Bulgaria

Happy Land Bulgaria

In May, 2013, will open the theme park “Happy Land” – the first of its kind and scale in Bulgaria. Currently the biggest in Bulgaria theme park “Happy Land” is located 23 km away from Varna, in close proximity to the resort Kamchia and to Shkorpilovtsi, bordering the state road to Bourgas. The area, on which “Happy Land” is being built, is more than 30 000 sq. m large, and is surrounded from northwest and from south by a deciduous forest, 950 000 sq. m in size. “Happy Land” gives the perfect opportunity to take a break from the hectic everyday life and to immerse into the fairy-tale atmosphere of a different world for relaxation and holiday.

“Happy Land” is a theme park unique for its architecture, design and entertainment sections, themed to different subjects. This makes it a preferred place for fun and recreation for children and teenagers, as well as for all other age groups. The uniqueness of the amusement park is measured not only in its scale, but also in the theme diversity that it provides. The territory of the park combines different areas, varying in theme, set-up and facilities, which recreate the relevant fairy in an authentic way: “GULLIVER” – In an 800 sq. m artificial lake the images of Gulliver and the citizens of Lilliput have been recreated. The wonderful travels and the places, described in the works of Jonathan Swift, have inspired the creation of a zone with extremely interesting and fun attractions, describing the never-ending adventures of Gulliver; “KIDS PARADISE” – In an area of ​​2000 sq. m are located all imaginable palaces, bouncy castles, slides and trampolines that offer various attractive entertainment activities for the youngest kids;”ORIENT” – The old and present architecture, customs and culture of the Middle East are depicted, in combination with adrenaline entertainment facilities. “MINI BULGARIA” is built on an area of ​​600 sq. m. The national element in the park is very significant and this area comprises of a one-of- its- kind entertainment facility in the form of the map of Bulgaria. It is education-oriented and illustrates natural landscapes and iconic historical moments for our country; “HAPPY HOUSES” is a series of astonishing architecture, color variety and design. There is a collection of distorting mirrors gathered here. This is the place where visitors fill with positive emotions, laughing out loudly, and where they can try entertainment facilities like Samba balloon, Happy Journey, Coffee Cups. 5D CINEMA –  For all cinema addicts and new technologies fans there is a 6D cinema available. This is one of those attractions that raise the adrenaline and then leave a lasting emotion from the experience; “CAMELOT” – represents the city castle, symbolizes loyalty, justice and might. It characterizes the reign of the legendary King Arthur. A history-themed area with curious and interesting facilities; “MEXICANA” is built on an area of 600 sq. m. It combines attractions and decorations, illustrating the typical hot Mexican temperament and character, music and exotic animals; “CITY OF EL PASO” – “TEXAS” – This is the city that borders Mexico and so it does in Happy Land Park. Here the typical for the Western genre movies street from 17-19 centuries is represented. It is full of challenges, that illustrate the dynamic and exciting life of popular characters from Western genre movies and stories, leaving every fan of this topic breathless; “PIRATE ISLAND” – In an area of ​​approximately 2000 sq. m has been built an island with a typical pirates village, with 17-th century architecture. It is themed to the so popular and topical subject of ruling, fearless sea pirates. Hit movies and books provided inspiration for the decoration and the challenging attractions in this area. The ship of the famous pirate Bartholomew Roberts, known also as Black Bart – Royal Fortune is also here; “Jungle” – The exotic world, where the characters of Tarzan and Mowgli came from, is depicted in this area with spotless authenticity; “DISCO CARTS “– This is an especially designed mini cars zone for the adrenaline experiences fans.  Every visitor, ready for that, can satisfy their desire to compete; “WATERFALL LAKE” – This is a relaxing lake, with an about 10 meters waterfall, where visitors of the park, can ride a boat or enjoy the beauty of the fish in the lake (Japanese carps – KOI). Apart from the diverse and unique attractions and the inimitable fairy-tale atmosphere, “Happy Land” theme park also includes a food zone. Here too, one can find a great diversity of themed areas: Orient – provides authentic oriental delicacies; China – popular Chinese dishes for the  Asian cuisine lovers; Fast Food – for visitors who prefer to have a quick meal, between two attractions; “Mexicana” –typical Mexican food is offered. The largest dining facility is a themed BARBEQUE, comprising an area of ​​approx.  900 sq. m, where 300 seats are located in an old farm, built near a 10-meter windmill (1850s type), 60 seats are in the form of old-time covered horse carts and 60 seats are in the open-air, between the rest. This themed BBQ will have the capacity to serve at one time about 300 visitors. The aim of the food facility complex is to meet, to the highest extent possible, the taste preferences of all the visitors, who chose to relax in nature. In addition to the stationary entertainment facilities, there is also a team of animators, who will take care of the diverse and exciting experience of the visitors. Animators will act like popular fairy-tale and movie characters and will present various artistic skills. The extended working hours of “Happy Land” allow customers to turn their visit of the park into an all-day visit. Every evening visitors will be presented a special art show program, which will end with a spectacular fireworks show. For the convenience of the visitors, the theme park has a 8000 sq. m area of parking lots, both for individual visitors with cars, and for bus group visits. The entire concept of “Happy Land” revolves around the wish to give visitors the opportunity to have one splendidly happy day. The attractions for the children are both entertaining and educating. Fairy-tale areas meet them with popular characters and their authors, and introduce them to a world of different cultures and histories. For the adults, the park combines an anti-stress effect with active physical exercise. Various attractions and simulation games, adrenaline challenges, fantastic references to the fairy-tale characters’ world, waiting behind every corner, leave visitors breathless. The idea to combine entertainment for the whole family with an opportunity for a complete relaxation and rest in the numerous restaurants and cafes almost entirely lives up to the concept of an unforgettable experience. People around the world love to have fun and most of them want to do that together with their family. Theme Park “Happy Land” gives visitors exactly what they want – exciting adventures for children and parents to participate in together. Booking hotels in Bulgaria

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