Thracian gold from the time of Alexander the Great is discovered in Pomorie

An unique gold treasure from the time of Alexander of Macedonia is discovered just a few days ago in Primorsko. The archaeological discovery was made during a rescue works in a Thracian tomb in the region of “Silihlyar.” The treasure is unique not only because it is made of the precious metal, but also because the discovery of Thracian applications designed for horses, is extremely rare.


The discovery will be exhibited in a special vault in the Historical Museum of Primorsko. The treasure consists of eight large and twenty-nine small gold applications with which it was embellished the horse of the Thracian nobleman during  festive occasions. The main part represents two round shield with ornamental decoration and head of an eagle affixed to a central location. The small applications were distributed by the strap of the bridle.


The golden ornaments on the head of the horses of the Thracian dynasts were used only in especially solemn moments of the life of Thracians. In their graves, they were laid when a horse is sacrificed to accompany his master into the afterlife, or as burial gifts symbolizing sending a sacred animal.

The treasure was made in the late 4th and early 3rd century BC. The discovery is extremely rare for popular science funerals of Thracian dynasties, claim the scientists . The tomb in which was found the treasure was looted in antiquity but the gold was extremely well hidden and so remained intact until today.

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