Thracian kings will welcome tourists near Kazanlak

Wax figures of ancient mythical rulers will welcome tourists in the Valley of Thracian Kings near Kazanlak. The design and installation of these is part of a project for the socialization of the Ostrusha cult complex. With funding from OP “Regions in Growth”, the Municipality of Kazanlak will restore and preserve the unique veneer with facet drawings and build a cycle lane between the cities of Kran and Shipka.

Kazanlak Thracian tombs Ostrusha

It is also planned to build a tourist complex, which will serve as an information center. It is in his throne room-museum that tourists will be able to take a photo with the wax figures of the Thracian kings. The Information Center will have a multifunctional room with 3D virtual reality, which will organize various events, craft workshops and a conference room.

Kazanlak Thracian tombs Kosmatka

A total of BGN 31 million from the European program will be implemented by projects of the municipalities of Sofia, Kardzhali and Hisarya. The funding will allow the construction of the North Wing of the Kremikovsky Monastery. An information center will be set up and a museum exhibit can be viewed. The project of the metropolitan municipality also includes the erection of a bell tower, the construction of a power plant, the opening of monastery workshops for the production of sweets and syrups.

kremikovski monastery

At the monastery, visitors will also be able to study in the making of religious souvenirs. Mural paintings and the roof of St. George’s Medieval Church will be restored. The Perperikon Visitor Center will also be upgraded with euro money and the southern gate of Diocletianopolis, the Thermae and the northeast corner tower in Hisarya will be restored. Municipalities may apply for tourism projects for a total of BGN 59 million by the end of 2021.

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