A Thracian ship will be an attraction in the Koprinka Dam

A Thracian warship will be assembled in the Koprinka dam near the Valley of the Thracian Kings. The idea is for the ship to become a tourist attraction and to ride the visitor over the capital of the Thracians Seuthopolis, which is under the waters of the water basin. The parts of the Thracian ship are now ready and the attraction is expected to be operational this year.

Koprinka dam

The kiln beam, which is 19.5 meters long and weighs 3.5-4 tonnes, is made. It is made of whole pieces of wood, which is extremely difficult because everything is made by hand without the use of machines, writes the site Za Kazanlak. The 300th rib for the ship was made by the technology of more than 3,000 years ago, made of naturally curved trees, and currently, nearly 800 wooden nails are being assembled to assemble the ship’s body.

Koprinka dam

After the Easter holidays, everyone who visits the dam will have the opportunity to see how the new array is being assembled. The Thracian warship will be decorated with the water bird from the helmet of the Thracian king Seuthes III. The symbol will be located both on the nose and the stern. The cloth of the ship will be woven with flax and cotton as they did in ancient times.

Koprinka dam
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