A threat to the last wild peony near Sofia

This year, you can have the last chance to see a population of wild peonies near Sofia. The beautiful red flowers gave the name of the Bozhurishte quarter of Sofia. The population of Paeonia tenuifolia is protected by the Biological Diversity Act and the flower is included in the Red Book of Bulgaria as a protected plant species.

The poppy field near Sophie was first established in 1936, and today the population numbers only a few hundred landlords, but they are at risk of plowing pastures. Population declines after nearly 4,000 plants are counted in 2015. In August 2017, the area was declared a “peanut peony” protected area by order of the ministry.

Unfortunately, however, most of the area is a part of of private fields and wildlife can only be saved if the protected area is extended. If you want to enjoy their beauty, visit the area in the coming days. To find the place you have to go on the way from Sofia to Kalotina and park next to a building for sale of nuts. A path leads to several meadows with gods, most of the flowers are near the nearby micro dam.

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