Tickets for a retro trip with Baba Metsa are on sale

If you want to enjoy a retro trip with the steam engine Baba Metsa, you can buy tickets for the voyage today, May 14, after 2 pm at the counters at all the train stations in the country. The course from Sofia to Bankya and back will take place on May 19th. The departure is scheduled for 9 am  from the Central Station in the capital and on the opposite route the locomotive will depart at 02:30 pm.

retro train ruse varna

The cost of the trip in both directions with reserved space will cost 17 leva and 50 stotinki per person. Children under the age of 7 will travel for free but without their own place. In order to get a free ticket when purchasing, you will need to provide a child birth certificate or a copy of it. Children aged up to 10 years must travel with an escort.

retro train ruse varna

The steam locomotive, known as Baba Metsa, is manufactured in Poland and is one of the most powerful in Bulgaria. The nickname is because of the small speed he is developing, but also because of his great lifting power. The famous Bulgarian poet Nikola Vaptsarov worked as a fireman on the locomotive. It has been in operation for over half a century.

retro train ruse varna
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