The tomb in Pomorie is still astounding

Even today modern builders wonder what kind of skills it takes to built that kind of a tomb near Pomorie. Many architects from around the world study the tomb to unravel the mystery of the mushroom-shaped dome. At its center is a hollow column with a diameter of 3.3 meters, which expands and merges with the outer wall. In its interior in the past was possible to climb a man using a spiral staircase. The tomb was built in 2-3 century AD.

tomb pomorie

Outside the tomb looks like a Thracian mound and in front are the foundations of two rooms. It is estimated that served as mausoleum of a rich family from Anhialo and inside were performed religious pagan rituals. The tomb is unique not only for Bulgaria but also for the entire Balkan Peninsula, and similar tombs have been preserved in Rome, Italy.

tomb pomorie

On the wall of the tomb there are five niches, where were placed urns of the deceased. It is assumed that the walls were painted, but today visitors can see only traces of green plaster. The entrance to the landmark is 3 lev or approximately 1,5 euro for adults. For children, retirement and students the price is even lower.

The locals known the tomb as the “hollow hill.” According to some scientists the tomb was not just a mausoleum, but also altar facility. According to prof. Alexander Fol, when the sun reaches its zenith, its rays are falling exactly on the altar. It was then that God Sabazius was called Apollo and priests predicted the future from the strength and the movement of the sunlight. However, when the Sun is “in the lower hemisphere of the earth,” then the priests lit the fire of the altar and predicted the future from the flames. During this night ritual god Sabazius was called Dionysus.

tomb pomorie
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