Explore the tomb of Tutankhamun in Burgas

If you want to walk through Tutankhamun’s tomb and see how the boy’s Pharaoh last house seemed like, you can do in Burgas. More than 100 exhibits of gold and precious stones recreate with absolute precision the funeral chamber from which the ruler of Ancient Egypt has taken to the stars, as seen by Treasure Hunt Howard Carter.

Tutankhamun Burgas

You can see the exhibition at the State Opera in Burgas. Presented exhibits are exact copies of the authentic finds, which are made with the permission and ordered by the Ministry of Culture of Egypt. The exhibition has toured dozens of countries in the world, but for the first time is in Bulgaria.

Tutankhamun Burgas

Tickets to see it can be bought in the opera house of the seaside town. The price of the regular pass is 16 leva. (1 Euro is exchanged for approximately 2 leva). For disabled people and pensioners the ticket is discounted and costs 10 leva. Children under 7 can see the golden treasures for free, but they must be accompanied by an adult.

Tutankhamun Burgas
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