Tourism sector in Europe with a call to the EC for common travel rules

An unprecedented call for common rules for travel in Europe was made by 20 tourist organizations and trade unions from the Old Continent in a letter to the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. More than 20 organizations have insisted that the quarantine and border closures in the Community to be replaced by an EU travel testing protocol. Such a measure would save the livelihoods of more than 27 million Europeans working in the sector, business officials said.

According to the letter the continuing lack of coordination and the divergence of travel restrictions are crippling the tourism business. The open letter to the EC was signed by representatives of the entire tourism and travel sector and their workers, including airlines, airports, railways, land leavers, catering establishments, tourist retailers, tour operators, hotels, restaurants, cafes, travel agents, transport companies, logistics companies, campsites, holiday parks, taxi operators, tourist boards and authorities and all related supply chains.

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“This chaotic situation requires your immediate personal involvement,”says the letter to
Ursula von der Layen. “In this way, we call on you to make this issue a top priority and a call on you to address this issue directly with heads of state and government,” the business community said. “We therefore also call on you to ensure that the Commission takes the lead in developing an EU travel testing protocol and implementing it in order to avoid quarantine and reopening of borders,” the sector appealed. “We hope the EU will not let us down,” the letter concluded.

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