Еmployed in tourism will have an advantage over vaccines

Given the upcoming summer season and the expected and expected restart of tourism, as well as the started sales of tourist packages, we consider it necessary for employees in the sector who perform their duties through direct contact with a large number of people to be given priority in the National Vaccination Plan of Bulgaria.  This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariana Nikolova at a meeting with representatives of the tourism industry. It has become clear from Nikolova’s words that receptionists, maids, waiters, bartenders, as well as part of the ground staff at airports should be given priority for the vaccine. She explained that they are already working on a specific list of employees in the sector, which will be provided to the Ministry of Health.

We believe that the process of vaccination of employees in the tourism sector should precede the authorization of tourist trips in order to conduct a quiet summer season 2021. This will contribute to the promotion of Bulgaria as a safe and secure destination, explained the Minister of Tourism.

According to information from businesses and their external partners, there is currently a huge interest in travel bookings during the summer months. According to the chairman of the Confederation of Bulgarian Tourism Business Rumen Draganov, hard work is currently being done to attract guests and there are even published programs for 2022. According to him, the industry should prepare for a season with higher expectations than currently forecast. He believes that the summer of 2021 will largely repeat the 2020 season as a duration covering the period from mid-July to October, but with a larger number of trips.

Business representatives have indicated that it is good to announce the start of the season 4 weeks before its actual start, explaining that this time is needed for employees to prepare.

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