The Minister of Transport is considering how to make the airports in Balchik and Kazanlak international

To open for international flights small airports such as those in Balchik and Kazanlak will be among the priorities in the work of the new Bulgarian Minister of Transport Georgi Todorov. This became clear during the presentation of his team. It is the preparation of criteria for how this can happen that will be the main priority of his work. Among the other airports who are to become international are also the airports in Ruse, Primorsko, Lesnovo and Sofia-West.

According to the Minister, there is a similar readiness for all of them at the moment. Todorov also said that work would be done on the possibility of using the same airports for both military and civilian purposes. How this will happen will be discussed by a joint group of experts from the Transport and the Ministry of Defense, the minister said.

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