Abax with new contracts – the clients get all their money immediately when canceling a vacation

You pay for the trip only 10 days before the start date, the deposit for booking is only a BGN 50 

A new protocol adopted by the Bulgarian tour operator Abax will protect travelers in the new conditions with the anti – COVID-19 measures  in the world. The idea of ​​the “Maximum Security” package is to guarantee the money and vacations of all the company’s customers who book by the end of the year. Under the new terms of the contracts concluded with Abax, there will be no financial risk to customers’ money, and the funds paid for the reservation will be guaranteed. In case of closed borders or inability to travel due to a positive PCR test all the prepaid money will be returned to consumers, without deductions, fees, commissions or delays.


Abax pays for PCR test, quarantine and transportation to return sick guests home

Instead of paying a deposit when concluding the reservation contract in the between 30% and 50% of the total amount, clients will book their vacation giving the minimum amount of BGN 50, which only guarantees that they have a real interest in the program. The additional payment of the entire value of the trip will be concluded only 10 days before departure, in order to have maximum clarity about the conditions under which the preliminary contract will be fulfilled. In case quarantines are imposed or the borders of the planned destination are closed, the client will not have to pay extra. Instead, he will receive back the deposit of BGN 50. If the bans occur at the last minute, the full amount paid will be refunded immediately without deductions, fines or penalties. And without having to wait a year to get the money provided for the holidays back.


They return 100 percent of the money immediately without penalties and fees

In addition, the company will bear the cost of PCR tests, which are required for travel, if any, explained the marketing manager of “Abax” Georgi Pasev.

In case the PCR test is positive and it is established before departure, the client will receive back 100 percent of the prepaid amount for the vacation. If during the trip it becomes clear that the client has a positive sample, then the costs of his treatment are covered by the insurance, and in case of need for quarantine, the isolation is at the expense of the already prepaid vacation. The costs for his return to Bulgaria will be borne by Abax.

travel tourismThus, customers do not risk anything and guarantee a cloudless vacation in the new conditions for tourism in the world, imposed by COVID-19. The new conditions are currently valid only for registrations at the destinations of “Abax” until the end of the year, and can be subsequently extended, according to the development of the epidemiological situation.

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