Traders build the pavilions in Sunny Beach on a project

Any trader who wants to sell souvenirs, clothes or craftwork on the alleys of Sunny Beach – east will have to build a blue-white pavilion at his own expense. The vision of the stalls was approved and proposed by the Ministry of Tourism and its subordinate company “Sunny Beach” AD.

sunny beach stalls

Only 14 pavilions along the front line will retain their old vision. Until their current contracts are over. Anyone who wants to sell in the complex will have to comply with the new vision and materials. We will not determine the company to build the new stalls, every trader will have to find his company, announced the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova.

sunny beach stalls

The new pavilions will have three types up to 15 square meters in size and will be made of etalbond and other durable materials. To make the structures longer, they will not be wooden. Penalties await those merchants who allow themselves to bring the shelters out of the stalls and sell directly to the street. A fine will be imposed on businessmen in the first and second offenses, and in the third they will be terminated.

sunny beach stalls

Summer control to ensure that clothes are not sold directly on the street will be enhanced, Angelkova promised. No control of the origin of the goods is envisaged. With the new Tourism Low, which is to be adopted by the end of the year, a uniform vision of the shopping pavilions in all resorts will be defined. With the new normative act, it is up to those who sell only commodities to be decorated with a special certificate.

sunny beach stalls
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