Traditional custom plays on 7 January in Trustenik

For another year, the traditional ritual „Kiorava kobila“ will be held in the village of Trastenik in Pleven. According to the tradition at 9.30 am, a mummified ritual begins in the square, which has been played in the village since time immemorial. The custom is organized by the folk community Neofit Rilski – 1872. Already at the Jordanian night against Ivanovden, the mummer groups started their tour around the houses to chase the evil.


The groups are formed from a kale, a bride and groom, a pop, an old man, a guard, all of these roles being performed by men. It is believed that in every house visited by the mummers in the night against Ivanovden, there will be a lot of health and prosperity. The custom dates back to ancient times and is related to the legend of the local villager Ivan, who chase away his old mare in the field because he was sorry to see her die.


Tradition says that a little later the pestilence destroyed all the horses in the village, and then Ivan’s mare came back with little foals that saved the villagers. Since then, they have believed in Trustenik that when an old mare enters the house, they will have health and fertility throughout the year. Every year competition for the best and most authentic tradition is held.

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