We travel by train from Plovdiv to Edirne and back for 28, 56 leva

BGN 28.56 (approximatelly 15 Euro) will cost the return ticket between Plovdiv and the Turkish town of Edirne. A reserved space is included in the price. The train between the two settlements will travel from 1 June. From Plovdiv, the composition will begin at 8:40 am and will arrive at Edirne at 12:18 pm. In the opposite direction, the train will depart from Edirne at 5 pm and arrive in Plovdiv at 09:15 pm.

The composition will travel in a two-wagon train and will run on weekends and holidays. The passengers from Parvomay will pay for the voyage to Odrin 10.37 leva (approximately 5 Euro). The ticket from Dimitrovgrad to the Turkish city will cost 7.82 leva (less than 4 Euro)and from Svilengrad – 4.30 leva (approximately 2,1 Euro).

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