Training of falcons will be demonstrated at the Medieval Festival in Mezdra

Training of hunting birds – a falconer and a hawk buzzard will be shown during the festival of medieval traditions, lifestyle and culture in Mezdra on 20th and 21st of May. The event will take place in the archaeological complex “Kaleto”. On the first day of the festival, you will be able to see the communication between the falconer Martin Petrov and the Buzzard Draco. In ancient times, falconry has been a great spread in the Bulgarian territories and was a favorite entertainment of kings and distinguished peoples.

medievel festival mezdra

There is evidence that even in the 1st century BC the Thracians hunted with trained falcons in the valley of the Maritsa River. Besides the revival of the forgotten traditions of the festival, the early and late Middle Ages on our lands will be recreated. You will be able to see the equipment and the lifestyle of both the Bulgarian soldiers and their opponents on the battlefield – the Romans and later the Knights of the Crusades.

medievel festival mezdra

The air will be saturated with medieval music and aromas of typical meals promised the organizers. So during the festival, you can also try dishes of authentic medieval recipes. This edition of the event will include more that 20 groups and individual participants. Visitors will be able to see coin mowing, metalworking, archery, fighting techniques, duels and other forgotten medieval activities.

medievel festival mezdra
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