Where to travel in Bulgaria, according to his astrological sign


Aries is the sign that has bold, energetic and impulsive representatives. The easy connect with people, so even if they go alone on a holiday to the end of the trip will surely be part of a new company. Aries like physical challenges and to spend time in nature. So during the holidays for them is better to choose a mountain adventure. For example climb the mountain peak Vihren and to continue towards to Koncheto.

aries vihren


Taureans are known as the biggest gourmet lovers in the zodiac. But they are also very romantic, though it is cleverly concealed until they meet their true mate. They will fall in love with trips that include trying new tastes and a lot of comfort. They will find interesting places like the Botanical Garden in Balchik or the Old Town in Plovdiv with its superb restaurants.

taurus balchik botanikal garden


The Gemini love company. And mostly their own, because they never forget that there are at least two people inside. They are curious and make easily contacts. Love surprises, to explore new places and to learn. Especially if they do not have to travel too long to seek for an adventure. They will like ancient Thracian sanctuaries as Belintash and the area of the stone forest Pobitite kamuni which is just a few minutes away from Varna.

gemini Pobitite-Kamuni


Cancers are artistic and very imaginative. For them it is very important to talk long with close friends and return to their roots. That is the reason why they will feel at home in the Rhodope villages as Zabardo, Gela or Leshten. Surely, however, they will seek experience for the whole family, so if you can’t offer them entertainment for children and interesting adventures mate, just do not invite them.

cancer leshten


Leos just loves holidays. They do not fall for long and tiring trips, but would never miss a chance to bounce around to explore the work of art or a new theatrical performance. They prefer luxury and parties. Therefore, it is best to focus on during their vacation on larger cities with rich cultural events like Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv and Burgas.

leo plovdiv


Virgos are workaholics and rarely manage to take a rest. Therefore, the best place for them is tranquil landscape without noise crowds. Therefore, it is best for them to focus on Pirin mountain for example. But before you bring your beloved Virgo on a trip make sure that you will make first a precise plan for the whole holiday. Because Virgos do not like surprises a lot.

virgo pirin


Intelluctuals, open-minded and diplomats the Libras will be glad to share their vacation with other people. Preferably a lot of people. They like experiences in nature and to lay with a book in hand. But it must not be happening in solitude. For them are suitable lively resorts such as Sunny Beach and Golden Sands.

libra sunny beach


The courageous, honest and passionate nature of Scorpios will surely lead them to the place they have chosen. Whether traveling alone or with company, they are the ones who decide what will be the destination for the holiday. For them is required a place that offers everything – from peace and tranquility to crowded bars as to meet the changeable moods of the Scorpio. Therefore, they will feel better in a town like Veliko Tarnovo or smaller resorts like Tsarevo and Pomorie.


Sagittarius is definitely the traveler of the zodiac. Adventurous, brave and sometimes reckless and insane can not put limits on their vacation. Usually they has traveled already the world and are confidently telling everyone how live the locals in the small Rhodope villages or whats the new trendy place in Sofia. For the Sagittarius there is no wrong place for a holiday. They will surely prepare their suitcases in a minute and get ready to travel no matter where to. They have solved the dilemma and are absolutely sure that the road is more important than the goal.

sagittarius rhodopes


The Capricorns are family-oriented and prefer to travel with their beloved ones and children. They are practical, serious and disciplined. So be ready to visit with them all the attractions from their list, including those you havn’t heard of. The place they will choose must be easily accessible and they must have plan for the entire journey. In Bulgaria they will arиive easily if they take the highway to Bourgas and Sozopol for example.

capricorn sozopol


The Aquarius want to escape from boredom at all costs. They are looking for more and more new adventures, emotions and destinations. They prefer to be independent, so do not mind traveling alone. The Aguarius is looking for a place that offers social contacts so isolated places are not for them. They probably would like exploring the city of Stara Zagora or Nessebar for example.

aquarius nessebar


The Pisces are artistic in nature and intuitive. So they have to follow their heart and choose that destination that their inner voice is whispering to them. They will surely prefer a place that will held them to escape from the reality. For example a spa resort like Sandanski, Devin and Ognyanovo. The Pisces are the dreamers of the Zodiac, so beautiful beaches like Silistar and Sinemorets will also suit them.

pisces sandanski
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My greatest pleasure in life is to travel. Undoubtedly there are a lot of amazing places around the world worth visiting at least once in life. However, Bulgaria is such a place where you will wish to come back again and again. In every season and every region of this small country, you can find unique wonders. So share my travels.