Traveling with a royal carriage from Gorna Oryahovitsa to Tryavna

There are dozens of lucky people in the royal wagon who will join the Crown Express train ride. The event is part of the celebrations of Bulgaria’s Independence Day on September 22 but will take place a day after the date of the celebrations. Retro train journey begins on 23rd of September at 11: 50 am from Gorna Oryahovitsa train station and the participants will be able to travel to Tryavna and back.


The composition also includes the personal sleeping car of Tsar Boris III, which the lucky ones included in the trip can look at. In Veliko Tarnovo at Trapezitsa Station at 12 o’clock the travellers and the guests of the town will witness a historic restoration of the reception of Prince Ferdinand in the old Bulgarian capital. There again will be read the Manifesto for declaring the independence of Bulgaria.

retro train ruse varna

The wagons of the luxury steam train “Korona Express”, as its name suggests, were designed for the official trips of Tsar Boris III and his family. Apart from the sleeping rooms, there was a working cabinet in the composition. On the train today, there is a wagon, which was produced for the needs of Iranian chess. You can also look at the security wagon in which the security officers were travelling, as well as the largest wagon-lane traveller in Bulgaria with 24 seats.

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