In Troyan chase the evil spirits with torches

Just seven weeks before Easter in Troyan chase the evil spirits with flaming torches. The ritual is part of the so-called “Yalova wedding” that the city takes their forgiveness before Sirni Zagovezni. At 03:30 p.m. in the city will start the masquerade procession “Yalova Wedding” at the main square in Troyan – Vuzrazhdane. Traditionally, the procession will stop by to visit the Mayor Donka Mihaylova.

Troyan chase the evil spirits

The Mayor welcomes the masked procession in her office and treats them with homemade „banitsa“ and a glass of wine. The Mayor asks forgiveness from her fellow citizens and gets one. At 04:00 p.m. starts the real party. The celebration this year will be in front of the block “Kapincho.” There will be held local customs for the holiday. For the good mood of the guests will take care the folk singer Georgi Gotcev.

Troyan chase the evil spirits

By tradition will be lit a high fire whose flames traditions reach 4-5 meters. It is lit with a flaming arrow. Once burned in the flames, the fire is skipped for health. Around the fire are sang folk songs and is played the traditional dance „horo“. To drive away the evil spirits and to ensure better upcoming year the locals turn flaming torches of dried cherry tree uruglyuvitsi.

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