Tutankhamun’s secrets await us at the castle near Ravadinovo

Every forbidden thing becomes more desirable. So is the journey. And while we stay home and wait for the pandemic to pass, we can dream. Nobody knows when the borders and airports will open, but in Bulgaria, you can see, enjoy and try to unravel the secrets of one of the most ancient civilizations in the world – Egypt.

ravadinovo castle

From 1st of May to 30th of September at the most visited Bulgarian attraction along the Black Sea coast – the Castle “In love with the wind” near Ravadinovo, will be held an exhibition of Tutankhamun’s golden treasure. Anyone will be able to enjoy the tomb of the famous Egyptian Pharaoh and see the exhibits the way it did for the first time after thousands of years Howard Carter.

tutankhamuns ravadinivi

The best copy of the treasure will be in shown in the Bulgarian landmark. The golden legacy was seen by visitors of the world-famous museums around the globe like the Louvre, said the owner of the castle, Georgi Tumpalov. The Bulgarian audience and foreign guests on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast will be able to admire the exhibits thanks to the collaboration of the Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt with the owner of the landmark Georgi Tumpalov, the high rating of the castle and the strong recommendation that was made by the World Tourism Alliance.

castle Ravadinovo

And while you’re on the Egyptian wave, you can also visit the tomb of Bastet godess in Strandja, which is relatively close to the castle. In the castle itself  you will be able to enjoy and relax while walking in beautiful park, a flower fairy and greenery, a lake with white and black swans, a horse base, an art gallery, a winery with a tasting room, a chapel,a gaming area and a magical atmosphere for unforgettable photo and movie sessions.



Next to the castle is the largest water park on the Balkan Peninsula. During the season in the castle there will also be a new additional attraction – “sport shooting with bow” under the guidance of the Bulgarian national champions for 2018 and 2019 year by Victoria Sports Club. The same landfill will also be held The national TV competition “BATTLE-2020”, which will be this year with international participation. Virtual space will offer emotions of gamers in a very interesting form, combining online games with live visits to famous tourist sites.

tutankhamuns ravadinivi

The castle is also part of the ATLANTIDE online game available for mobile Android and iOS devices. It gaining more subscribers and is based on 5 world famous tourist sites: the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre in Paris, Buckingham Palace in London, Bran Castle of Count Dracula in Romania, plus the Bulgarian castle ” In Love with the wind”.


tutankhamuns ravadinivi
tutankhamuns ravadinivi
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