Underwater Christmas party near Burgas

Underwater Christmas party will be organised by the divers in Burgas. They will dive beneath the waves of the Black sea on Saturday, December 24 at 11 a.m. The place that they will enter into the icy waters naturally is chosen wisely. It is one of the symbols of Burgas – the bridge near the panoramic promenade in Seaside Park.


The party will unleash a few meters below sea level. Divers will wear Christmas hats and opened bottles of champagne. On the Christmas table under the water the enthusiasts plan to serve salted bonito. Special suits will keep them from frostbite in the icy waters.


Each of the participating divers have a special certificate that proves that they can undergo the extreme conditions underwater. Anyone who wishes can observe the underwater show from the bridge. It will be filmed as well to be shown to more fans of the sea.

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