Unique Balneotherapy center – a replica of Roman Baths

Unique Balneotherapy center – a replica of Roman Baths

In the town of Sapareva Banya will begin the construction works of a unique Balneotherapy rehabilitation center. The center will be called Preobrazhenie (meaning Transfiguration) and will be a joint project between the Russian Fund “Law, Justice, Mercy” and Sapareva Banya Municipality. The construction will start in the beginning of 2014 and will be completed in 2016.

The mineral water in Sapareva Banya is unique, the local springs are known as the hottest in Europe, and the mountain water – as the purest in the country.

The project „Transfiguration“ comprises of several different areas: hotel part and private villa area, balneology area, medical diagnosis area, sports and recreation area, business area. The balneological center is situated at the foot of Rila mountain, entirely consistent with the architectural character of the area. The center is a modern version of the Roman Baths – the public places where people went in the past to have a hot bath. The center will offer balneological services, such as: prophylaxis, rehabilitation and genetic tests. This project will further expand the range of the opportunities, offered in the country, for diagnosis, treatment and recreation using mineral springs.

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