Unique Byzantine pottery found near Byala

Unique Byzantine pottery found near Byala



Archaeologists unearthed during excavations near Byala Unique Byzantine pottery. The find was found in a research of housing in Late Antiquity Fortress at Cape St. Athanasius. The container for steaming dates from the end of the VI and the beginning of the VII century.

The discovery is defined as rare in Bulgarian archeology. The ceramic object is a closed vessel in which water is poured puts out fire and began to create steam, which goes through small holes in the lid. Archaeologists define it as the forerunner of modern cookware steam. The find was discovered inside a house dating from 614, for what is believed to be destroyed and burnt.

Residents, according to archaeologists were unable to take with them a large part of the property and the items are deployments in everyday life.

The hypothesis of the researchers was that it was home of trapezid / change office /. They found about 150 copper coins, two gold coins, gold scales and weights to measure gold coins – ekzagii.

Excavations and surveys in the region continue.

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