Believers pray for health with a unique ritual in Blagoevgrad

Believers pray for health with a unique custom in Blagoevgrad. Only in the Bulgarian city is held a ritual in which hundreds of jars of honey rank in the shape of a cross to pray for a good year of St. Haralambos. The celebration of the Christian saint’s day on February 10 is also a beekeeper feast as St. Haralambos patronize the honey producers.

honey blagoevgrad

In the temple, “Blessed Virgin” in Blagoevgrad every year on this day, each manufacturer brings a jar of their honey. On the put in the shape of a cross jars are lighted candles. So everyone has to eat at least a small spoon of the magic honey every day of the following year to stay healthy. Legend has it that the saint binds all diseases and doesn’t give them a chance to harass people.

honey blagoevgrad

In the morning of February 10, every woman bakes bread and three small buns and brings them together with a plate of honey to be blessed in the church. The bread is given away. The foreheads of children are brushed with the honey to be healthy during the year.

honey blagoevgrad
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