The most delicious seafood in Varna is in the restaurant Bunata

If you want to eat fresh and well-prepared seafood, the Bunata Restaurant is the best place for this in Varna. Although it is not near the waves of the Black Sea anymore, the restaurant continues to enchant its customers with skillfully prepared fish, seafood, and soups. If you want to visit it, you should go to Brеgalnitsa Street in the Sea Capital. Parking is at the side of the restaurant and is only for the customers.

bunata varna

The menu is rich and you can choose everything from it. However, we advise you to consult your waiters first. Without lying to you, they will immediately tell you which fish is fresh, as if the catch is not from today, but for two days – they will also tell you. Naturally, you can also order frozen fish, but they will not sell it as a fresh one.

bunata varna

But if definitely look for fresh fish, you can enjoy the availability. We personally recommend trying a turbot. We have not tasted better prepared in Bulgaria or outside the country. You can also try felts, sea bass, belted bonito, shad, cobs, scad, sprats, catfish, carp and everything else that can catch fishermen from the region. Naturally, there is also seafood – mussels, shrimp, squid.

bunata varna

Most of the fish are from the Black Sea, but there are also different courses. We also recommend fish soup, which is the culmination of culinary art, and the traditional clear broth has several types of fishes inside. It is served with toasted black and white bread. One of the most ordered appetizers is homemade caviar. And all this can be garnished with selected beverages.

bunata varna
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