A carnival in the sky above Sopot on the festival Vazduharia

For another year in September in the skies over Sopot, there will be an amazing air Carnival. The participants will fly over the Manastir Meadow near the city dressed in crazy and colorful clothes with various non-powered aircraft. The Carnival is part of the program of the Sky Festival Vazduharia. The event will be held from 8th to 10th September.

vazduharia sky festival

The festival will bring together professionals and air sports fans, as well as hundreds of admirers who come to enjoy the masterful flights from the ground. For them, there is a music program and different events so as not to be bored while the participants are chasing the wind in the sky. A competition for the most original Carnival dress will be organized, from which three winners will be screened. The prize for them will be a sailing trip.

vazduharia sky festival

Anyone who is not afraid will have the chance to fly a paraglider or a hot air balloon and look at Sopot and Stara Planina from bird’s eye view. An acrobatic paragliding show to enjoy the audience will be performed by two French pilots. One of the best acro pilots in the world the Bulgarian Veselin Ovcharov will also take part in the festival. And the pilot, Alexander Marinosyan, will perform an acro show with a plane. Workshops and performances are also planned –  kung-fu demonstration, Circus-plaque circus, aerobics, fire performance, Combino Circus circus.

vazduharia sky festival
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