Veliko Tarnovo welcomes the Year of the Rooster with Chinese opera

With Sichuan Opera will celebrate the Year of the Rooster Veliko Tarnovo. The play will be on January 14 at the Palace of Culture and Sport “Vasil Levski” from 07:00 p.m. The Sichuan opera from China differs from the European opera. It presents the typical Asian culture, combining various arts – music, singing, dance, acrobatics, balancing act.

chinese year veliko tarnovo

The New Year’s program will consist from 14 performances. The program includes a love story that takes place in “The broken bridge”, part of the classic Chinise opera ” The legend of the white snake.” The tragic story of a character who opposes injustice done against the people is told in the work “Bashan Syukay.”

The Humorous musical play tells the story of an emperor that wanted to eat dates without paying for them. Im the program are included also typical Chinise musical instruments, acrobatics and calligraphy.

chinese year veliko tarnovo

Residents and guests of the old capital will be able to enjoy the youth art ensemble of Sichuan province. The troupe is well known throughout the world and has performed in over 40 countries. The entrance to the show is free. A hour before the show you can see demonstrations of traditional Chinese arts and crafts.

chinese year veliko tarnovo
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