In Veliko Tarnovo welcome Christmas and send the year with Sound and Light show

If you plan to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays in Veliko Tarnovo you can give yourself the unique light and sound performance over the Tsarevets fortress. On the 22nd of December at 6 pm, you can enjoy the Sound and light show from “Tsar Assen” I square. Free of charge. Or to buy a ticket for the panoramic playground, which offers the best view of the spectacle.

watch sound light veliko tarnovo

The ticket price is 20 leva per adult (approximately 10 Euro) and 10 leva per child (approximately 5 Euro). As a compliment to the fee, each guest will receive a free glass of red wine. On Christmas (December 25) and on December 30, there are also two completely free shows that tell the story through light vision and sound.

veliko tarnovo

The Christmas program of Veliko Tarnovo also includes a gala Christmas concert at the Konstantin Kisimov Theater on December 21, theatre productions, screenings of films and meetings with the actors involved. On the 29th of December, at 10 am, a workshop will be held in the building of the Municipality for the production of child breeders.

veliko tarnovo

Residents and guests of the city will be able to meet the new 2019th year and the square, along with invited artists. Among them are Nelly Rangelova, Le Contesse trio, Iskra folk ensemble and Ahat rock band.

veliko tarnovo
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