Velingrad celebrates 10 years as the spa capital on the Balkans

On September 1st and 2nd, Velingrad celebrated the 70th anniversary of its announcement as a town and 10 years since its proclamation of the spa capital of the Balkans. The celebrations will start with a program for the youngest. From 10 am to 11 pm in Nikolay Gyaurov Square in the centre of the city is provided entertainment with a puppet theatre. The audience can then enjoy a local amateur concert.

At 11 am the new symbol of Velingrad will be opened – a statue at the entrance of the town. In the central park of Velingrad, workshops will be open at 12 o’clock, and cheerful clowns and children’s animation will entertain the kids. At the same time, a culinary show with Uti Bachvarov will begin in the square. At 05.30 pm is the beginning of the concert with local amateurs. At 06.15 from the building of the municipality to the square will defile the brass orchestra and the cheerleaders of “Dimitar Mechev”. At 7 pm on the square will be presented the official guests and a film about Velingrad will be screened.


The evening will continue with a show by Dessy Dobreva and part of the dance troupe of Neshka Robeva. At 08.10 pm there is a beginning of a carnival and fire show, then the eternal Bulgarian hits in the performance of the legends group will sound in the square. At 09.20 pm are the start of the laser show and the charity in honour of the celebration. From 10.30 pm on the mineral beach in the city, everyone wishing to dance will be able to dance with a DJ party and performances by Gerry Nicole.


On the 2nd of September, the celebration will continue with a solemn liturgy, served by Metropolitan Nikolai of Plovdiv. At 10 am on the main square, kids will be able to have fun with a show program with Kaka Lara. At 12 o’clock the festive program will feature “Dobrudja” ensemble.

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