Watch the „Sound and light“ show for free in Veliko Tarnovo on March 3

The show “Sound and Light” can be watched for free from all the residents and guests of Veliko Tarnovo on the Bulgarian national holiday March 3, which commemorates the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule. The start time of the pageant of lights that surround the castle of Tsarevets is 8 p.m.

watch sound light veliko tarnovo

The square “Tsar Asen” in front of the fortress will be illuminated and voiced so that everyone tempted by the beauty of the changing colors and the history of Bulgaria will be able to watch the show freely. The combination of dramatic music, laser beams, colored lights,  flashes and sounds of bells is not to be missed. The show was held for the first time in 1985 to celebrate 800 years of the uprising of Asen and Peter.

watch sound light veliko tarnovo

The town’s celebrations of Veliko Tarnovo on March 22 is expected to be the broadcast debut of a new light show on Tsarevets  – “Assen”. It will tell a story about the power and the heyday of the old capital during the Second Bulgarian kingdom. The show will tell about the Tsars /kings/ from Peter and Asen to Kaloyan, and special attention will be paid to the reign of Tsar Ivan Asen II.

watch sound light veliko tarnovo

On March 9, 1230, the ruler defeated Emperor Theodore Comnenus and the power of Bulgaria achieved greatness as during the so-called golden age and the management of Tsar Simeon the Great. The new show will tell the glorious past through the words of the narrator but with provided subtitles in different languages. It is expected that the first performance so far will be on the model of the castle Tsarevets as the municipality will apply for financing the show through EU funds. The idea is that it would broadcast the hill “Trapezitsa” to be the spectacle even more majestic.

watch sound light veliko tarnovo
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