Watermelon games in Salmanovo

The waterrmelon is a fruit – symbol of summer. Instead of simply enjoy the taste of juicy watermelons on 28th of August 28 in Salamanovo, you can have fun with various games associated with the sweet fruits. On that date in the village near Shumen is held The festival of watermelons.

watermelon games Salmanovo

You can participate in a competitions for eating fast as many as you can watermelons. Or to try to carry as many as possible watermelons under one arm. You can also participate in a competition for eating blindfolded and jumping on a rope with watermelons in hands. If you are a master at sculpting of shapes, join the competition for making watermelon lanterns.

watermelon games Salmanovo

During the festival there is also a competition between manufacturers for the biggest and the smallest watermelon. Masters of speech will compete in the literary competition “Watermelon.” The master chefs can take part in the competition for the most delicious fruit salad with watermelon. Children can participate in a game and try to make a scarecrow.

watermelon games Salmanovo

There is a rich folklore program. The tradition of the festival dates back to the late 80s.

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