Wedding hall opens in the monastery of Vanga

Ritual hall for weddings and baptisms opened in the monastery complex of the prophetess Vanga in Rupite. The hall will be used also for Christian Sunday school. The icons in the new room are painted by Academician Svetlin Rusev. Vanga ordered him to take care of all icons and he continued to perform its behest. So far, rituals were performed in the adjoining church, also built at the insistence of Vanga – “Sveta Petka Bulgarska”.

rupite vanga

Every year fealty in the area of ​​the extinct volcano centuries ago called today Kozhuh mountain are married 30-40 pairs. Some of them come from abroad for the ritual. The Rupite region was believed to give strength to Vanga. Every year 80 children are baptized there.

The mineral water in the region cure all diseases. To happen a miracle is needed only faith used to say the Bulgarian prophetess. Even today, many people claim to have thrown away their pains in the hot mineral springs of  Rupite. There the water comes out with a temperature of 75 degrees Celsius. You can immerse yourself in the natural pools or in the constructed for this purpose pools with mineral water and algae.

rupite vanga

The pools are separated for the ladies and the gentlemen. You can use them with a bathing suit or naked. The water helps in diseases of the digestive and endocrine system, musculoskeletal system, neurological, gynecological lesions, treated and liver, prostate, kidney, and skin diseases. The area is located just 8 km from Petrich.

rupite vanga
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