Wedding Parties, Bulgaria, Black Sea

Wedding Parties, Bulgaria, Black Sea

The wedding is an event in one’s life, which always requires special preparation in advance. Choosing a place and a ritual, along with all other arrangements and accessories, is one of the several most important things that should be taken into account and anticipated. Firstly, the location and the possibilities for celebrating are to be considered. Would that be a city or a country hotel or restaurant? Of course, it all depends on your state of mind, personality and finances. Secondly, you should have in mind the number of guests. What place you will choose depends largely on how many guests you will have and whether the venue will have the necessary capacity, tables set-up and dancing. Thirdly, your preferences for the menu, the rituals and the traditions. Most of the big hotels on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast already have and can offer a combination of interesting and unique location, exquisite menu, halls and even option for the a “Custom wedding ceremony.”

“Custom wedding ceremony” means access to legal marriage, outside the wedding hall, where the marriage is proclaimed necessarily by an official. Such ceremony is available at an additional cost in Bulgaria. On the other hand, there can be only a only a symbolic ceremony, provided the couple have already married. For foreigners, however, civil marriage in their country is mandatory. The “custom wedding ceremony” that most hotels offer would be improvised.

In several consecutive articles, we will present you our selection of hotels on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast that apart from romantic and wonderful atmosphere on the beach, have also the ability and the know-how to organize big weddings. Most of them, in their wedding packages, include a free night in a bridal suite. And what could be better than combining your wedding party with a honeymoon in Bulgaria?

Holiday in Bulgaria, wedding parties, Black sea

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