Weekly Yoga and Ayurveda classes in Sunny Beach

Weekly Yoga and Ayurveda classes in Sunny Beach

Between June 5 and June 12, 2014 the spiritual teacher and yoga specialist Mеgie Koleva will hold a seven-day ayurveda and yoga course, called “Discover your inner Sun”, in Sunny Beach, at Karlovo hotel. The course will help visitors increase their vital energy, uncover the potential of their body, soul and mind, and put themselves in a sunny mood.

Within one week visitors will have the opportunity to experience exciting moments and immerse themselves in the surrounding nature, merging with it fully. Mеgie Koleva has been a spiritual yoga specialist for 20 years, having gained experience from around the world and ready to pass it on to her students.

The classes will be held early in the morning on the beach at sunrise continuing until late evening in the cozy ambience of the restaurant of Karlovo hotel, to the sounds of pleasant music.


• Yoga and Pranayama (breathing practices) Morning • Meditations – (starting 5 p.m.) • Underwater exercises – 45 min • Chakras Diagnostics – 1 hour • Crystalotherapy and musicotherapy • Ayurvedic Diagnostics – 2 hours • Re-energizing jewelry • Ayurvedic Kitchen: healthy eating basics • Ayurvedic Kitchen: interactive workshop • Individual consultations with Mеgie Koleva -1 hour.

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