The white mummers in Strandzha have no masks

Unlike other mummers and survakari in Bulgaria who chase the evil spirits away in the late winter, those in Strandja don’t wear scary masks on their faces.The so-called white mummers dress with seven sheepskins, and their faces are smeared with black soot. If you want to relive a part of the ritual and to feel the tradition, visit the village of Kosti on February 26 when is held „Kukerovden“.

white mummers Strandzha

The white mummer the ritual is just one man, but he is accompanied by the is so-called rag mummers – men, wrapped in a variety of colourful rags. They are typical only for that Bulgarian region and enrich the festival with a lot of humor. They are disguised as a young girl, old grandmother, priest, honeymooners, doctor, soldier. The mummers have a saber to shaved the men and bring with that ritual good health.

white mummers Strandzha

The beginning of the holiday is given by a folk song, and after passing through all the houses of the village mummers go on the field. One of the men dressed in traditional costume plows the ground and throws seeds in to beg for a fertile year. Then all return to the village and dance the typical Bulgarian folk dance – horo.

white mummers Strandzha
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