Go through the Wind Scale rock to be healthy

If you are looking for a cure for your pain or just want to be healthy next year, visit the Wind Scale rock. It is located near the Malasar fortress near the village of Vodenicharovo. According to the belief, in order to get rid of the diseases, you only have to jump through the opening in the rock on the eve of St. George’s Day. To get the ritual right you have to go through the hole in the stone three times.


Once you have found yourself, you have to tie a thread or piece of your garment to the surrounding trees to leave there your woes. In the adjacent gully you must then wash your eyes and your body. Part of the believers even brings with them that water at home. It is not known how long the custom of proving health through the rock dates.


According to some, it is a custom of Muslim Alevi, and according to others, it dates back to Thracian times and is a much ancient ritual.  As the site was sacred and revered since ancient times speaks the fact the fortress Malasar was built there in the 5th century BC. Its name is translated as the treasure fortress. In the Middle Ages it was rebuilt, and today the fortress walls reach a height of 5 meters.

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