Cocktails with wine at the specialized exhibition in Burgas

Interesting wine cocktails and more than 300 different brands can taste the visitors of the 4th Wine Festival in Burgas. It will be held from 28th to 30th of July at the Expo Center in the city. The special surprise for the guests will be a tasting of orange wine, which will provoke and fascinate with the aroma of juicy tropical fruits and notes of fern and musk.

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The technology of wine most easily can be explained as the reverse of that of producing rose from a red grape. In this case, the white Sauvignon Blanc darkens because it ferments together with the skins and this gives the wine an orange hue. Naturally, during the festival, you will also be able to taste traditional white, red and rosé wines. In addition to the Bulgarian wines, you can also try drinks from Italy, Spain, and France.

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The fine wine can also be garnished with quality Italian chocolate from Turin. In order to saturate your senses, you will also have the chance to taste aromatic coffee perfected by four generations of Italian coffee makers from 1909 onwards. There is also a small stage for live performances to complement the perfect flavor of the beverages. The opening hours of the festival during the three days of the event will be from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. The entering tickets cost 7 leva or around 3,5 euro.

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