Wine will flow again from the fountain in Asenovgrad

For a consecutive year in Asenovgrad the tradition will be followed and from the fountain in front of the Fish Church in the city will flow wine instead of water. This will happen within the framework of the Wine Festival, which will be organized this year as well. If you want to witness the almost biblical miracle you have to be in front of her on January 31 shortly after 12 o’clock.

asenovgrad wine

In fact, wine holidays in Asenovgrad will start at 5.30 pm on January 29. At that time, the winners of the National Love Lover Contest “Cheers for Love” will be announced at the Town Library. Candidates for the prize this year compete with 166 works. On January 30, it will become clear who is the master of the most delicious local special -“stanimashki sarmichki”

asenovgrad wine

The culinary masters should bring their products made of half a pound of mince in the restaurant under the building of the Municipality from 03.30 pm to 04.30 pm. Bonus points for the assessment will be given to those who have arranged their meals beautifully. However, most important for the selection of the jury will be the taste and the skills. The winner will receive 50 leva (approximately 25 Euro) and his runners will get 40 and 30 leva respectively. Incentive prizes are also provided.

asenovgrad wine

The winners of the Best House Wine Competition will be awarded on January 31 at 3 pm. Candidates for the prize are 56. Together with traditional Bulgarian wine varieties such as Mavrud, Merlot and Cabernet, will participate such as Marsalan, Carmen and Bouquet Wines. There is also a musical program with host – the artist and singer Ruslan Maynov.

At the 31st, the holiday will traditionally begin in front of the monument of our biggest winemaker and “father” of the most famous sort local wine – Aristi Chorbadjak. From there, the procession will take place next to the Fish Church, from whose fountain wine will flow. The Kalofer Orchestra will take part in the program and local producers will offer delicious appetizers.

The last event of the wine holidays will be on 1 February. Then you can enjoy the “oil wrestling” in “St. Triphon” region.

asenovgrad wine
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