Wine flows from the fountain in Asenovgrad

Wine will flow from the fountain in front of the church “St. Mary Annunciation” in Asenovgrad at 31st of January. Anyone can try the red drink. The attraction is part of the traditional celebration of the tradition of making wine in the city. For the 25th jubilee of the modern holiday will be selected the best local wine. The town is famous for its good red wines as Mavrud, Merlot, and Cabernet. As with the sweet unique red wine Stanimashka Malaga, which is very similar to a sweet liqueur.

wine asenovgrad

Of course, the feast will be accompanied by lots of music and revelry. Besides the competition for the best wine, there will be a race between the local housewife who has prepared the best Stanimashki sarmi. Sarmi are round or oblong balls made of vine or cabbage leaves with filling made of minced meat and rice. For the greatest masters of the one with cabbage are provided prizes from 20 to 50 leva or approximately between 10 and 25 euro. The winner in the category of vine leaves will receive 40 leva or app 20 euro.

wine asenovgrad

And as wine and love usually go hand in hand on the holiday will be honored also the winners in the fourth national poetry competition for love poetry “Toast of love.” On February 1 when is celebrated the Bulgarian holiday of the wine near the chapel “St. Trifon” will be held traditional wrestling. The men involved in the fight are coated with oil in order to be more difficult rivals. The winner does receive not only the recognition of the audience but also a live ram as a reward.

wine asenovgrad
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