Wines matured with Beethoven show in Plovdiv

Wine matured with Ludwig Van Beethoven’s music will be shown for the first time at the International Wine Vineyard Exhibition Vinaria 2018 from 21st to 25th February in Plovdiv. The beverage has matured for 9 months under the composer’s music, and it has made its taste loaded with a powerful energy charge. Acoustic waves change the radiation of molecules and thus increase the positive qualities of the drink, explain its creators.

wine plovdiv

Only 320 bottles were made from the wine loaded with Beethoven’s music. The visitors to the exhibition will also be able to buy bottles decorated with drawings by a world-famous graffiti artist. Like wells and bottles of wine-based cocktails combined with coffee, coconut, strawberry, and peach.

wine plovdiv

The fans of the wine will also be able to enjoy the red wine, made according to an ancient recipe of the monks from the former monastery of Saint Panteleimon in Stara Planina. Among the exhibits you can see at the exhibition is a sommelier countertop with mountain crystal, which removes the harmful energy influences during the tasting. Visitors will also be able to taste wines, whiskey, cognac, ouzo and brandy from Italy, Portugal, France, Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia.

wine plovdiv
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