On May 17 will become clear the winners of the Etara scarecrows making contest

On May 17, the results of the Open Ethnographic Museum Etar competition will be announced for the most traditional, funny, artistic and most scary scarecrow. There will also be a prize for a complete composition. And the master scarecrows will delight the museum visitors by the end of the year.


Announcing the results is part of the Etara program in the week dedicated to the International Museum Day. On 13 and 14 May in the architectural reserve near Gabrovo will be held thematic talks on how to organize an exhibition, as well as for the crafts in Etara.


Only on May 15th will you have the chance to see inside the the clock tower of the museum. If you want to join the groups that will look at the attraction you should be in Etara between 10 am and 12 o’clock or between 2 pm and 4 pm. Between 3 pm and 4 pm of the same day, you can test your strengths in sports competitions with the team of Etara.


On May 16, the exhibition “I am a Bulgarian” by photographer Radoslav Parvanov will be opened. On 17 May, testimonials will be given to the donors who have provided items for the museum exhibition of Etara. On May 18, you will be able to learn a local traditional craft.

etara traditional crafts

On May 19, you can join the games of our grandparents, with no age limitations for the participants. There will be races for riding, jumping with sacks, throwing walnuts in the target, rope pulling a rope. Everyone will be able to learn to make whistles of willow twigs, birds’ bins, a pot of horses, toys, and other items of corn stalks and beehives.

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