Wizz Air with a new offer for future pilots

The Wizz Air low-cost carrier offers a new scheme to back up the training of future pioneers in its training academy. A new, deferred payment scheme for integrated training will be in place this month. The work of the academy started in 2017, and last year it was possible to include Bulgarian candidates as well.

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The amount of the fee that the cadets have to pay is a total of € 61,460, but applicants initially have to provide 13,950 euros as advance payment. The rest of the amount will be paid in instalments during their first years of work as pilots in the airline company.

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The future pilots are trained 750 hours in ground courses, 60 hours in the simulator and 145 hours in real flights. They can then continue with a dedicated course for managing a particular aircraft type. In order to learn about training conditions and contracts personally, candidates can visit one of the open days. On July 13, the meeting takes place in Warsaw, 27 July in Budapest, 3 August in Kyiv, 10 August in Bucharest and 31 August in Skopje.

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