In Yambol treat with wine and delicacies

The guests of the Festival of Wine in Yambol will be treated with wine and local delicacies. For the second consecutive year, the festival will be celebrated solemnly in the city. The event starts at 11:00 a.m. on 12 February in the City Park. Last year for only one day of the festival the attended drank three tons of wine.

Yambol wine delicacies

Besides the drinks on the occasion is provided a rich musical program. Among the participants is the virtuoso pipe performer Theodosii Spasov. Ensemble ‘Tundzha’ will present to the public Thracian songs and dances, and Yambol mummer’s group will perform the ritual “Birth of the first son.”

Yambol wine delicacies

For the good mood of the audience will take care again the artist and chef Uti Bachvarov. He will cook delicious delicacies for the attendees. The celebration will take place just 10 days before the biggest festival of Yambol – “Kukerlandia” which begins on February 22 in the city.

Yambol wine delicacies
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