Yordan Yovchev with a demonstrative skiing downhill in Pamporovo

Bulgarian sports stars will open the World Interski Congress, which will be held for the first time in Bulgaria from March 17th to March 23rd. The host of the event is the ski resort of Pamporovo. During the official opening on Sunday, among the stars from the Bulgarian sport, who will make a demonstration downhill run along the slope, are the legend of the gymnastics Yordan Yovchev, Rumyana Neikova, the gymnasts Reneta Kamberova and Snezhana Decheva. Among the stars will be the champions in our winter sports as the gold medal winner in the Olympics Ekaterina Dafovska Olympiad and the snowboarder Radoslav Yankov.


During the congress, over 100 demonstrations of ski instructors from 33 participating countries will be available. Bulgaria’s national evening as well as evenings of the next two candidates for hosts of the event –  Levi resorts in Finland and Kitzbühel in Austria are planned. The Finns will build the open-air sauna, and the Austrians have predicted a Tyrolean evening.


During the Congress, 150 children with financial difficulties from the region of Smolyan and Chepelare will be trained in skiing and snowboarding, and lessons for disabled people will be provided. Each morning the different countries will demonstrate their technical skills on the slopes, and in the evenings there will be night show shows. More than 1,100 people and 150 volunteers will participate in the Congress.

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