In Zmeyovo choose the best local wine

In the village of Zmeyovo, Stara Zagora Municipality will once again choose the best local wine. The wine variety is traditionally produced in the region. On the feast of the local wine will be announced the winner and you can taste different types of wine from local producers. The feast will be held on December 16th. The beginning of the holiday is at 10.30 a.m. in front of the Community center of the village of Zmeyovo.

zmeyovo wine

All participants traditionally receive awards and certificates for their participation. The jury defines the best producer according to the taste, clarity, colour and aroma of the wine. The prize for the winner this year is a 225-liter French oak barrel. In addition to delicious meals and drinks, the guests of the holiday will be able to enjoy traditional Bulgarian songs and dances.

zmeyovo wine

Participation in the program will take the Lipite Orchestra of Stara Zagora, the folk group Trakietz from Trakia village, the group Gentle sounds from the village of Julievo, the folk groups from Radnevo, Stara Zagora and the village of Kalitinovo. As well as the regional clubs of the National Tradition Company from Nova Zagora and Yambol. And the club of lovers of ancient weapons Pop Mincho Krastev, Stara Zagora.

zmeyovo wine

The local people also give the recipe for making the famous local wine. First you will need red or white old wine, at least from last year’s harvest. You also need grape from a dessert aromatic variety. As well as dried spikes of sweet white wormwood and very little bitter wormwood. In addition, coriander, mustard seed, fresh quinces or peeled and diced apples are added to the wine. Then all this is done in layers in the barrel. Thereafter, the wine is recirculated daily for 40 days.

zmeyovo wine
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