In Zmeyovo they brag about the local wine

For the next year in the Stara Zagora’s village of Zmeyvo there will be a feast of the local wine called pelin. The fragrant wine, enriched with the aromatic and bitter herb, has become a business card of the village. The holiday is organized for another year by the local community center “Probuda”. During the event, local craftsmen measure the strength of who made the most clear, aromatic and delicious wine in the last year.

Zmeyovo wine

For the guests of the festival there is a chance to taste the traditional drink and join in the festivities with folk songs and dances. The production of the local wine pelin started by Stoyan Naydenov. You can see his memory plaque today in the center of Zmeyovo. Naydenov is one of the first recipients of a State diploma to produce wine, published in 1919.

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The typical local pelin is made from old wine – red or white, which is set with sweet wormwood, coriander, mustard, quince and apples.

While in the village, in the local community center you can see the second copy of Paisii Hilendarski’s “History of Slavonic Bulgarian”. The manuscript was made by Pop Hariton in Zmeyovo in 1871.

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